helen-wawganicsMy personal food journey began 8 years ago when I put together a documentary, called Food Fore Thought, highlighting the effects of conventional farming methods on farm workers in the Western Cape. This project made me realize, on all levels, the importance of an organic diet.

A few months thereafter I started to explore the world of Raw food and when my daughter was born I did my best to raise her on a very high raw food diet, free of dairy, gluten and refined sugar. When she started to talk – she kept on saying “more more..” to the foods I was giving her and so my business – Mawganics was born.

My passion is predominantly to educate people on how wonderful you can feel when eating a high – raw, wild, vegan and organic diet; how simple it can be and how food is truly thy medicine !

Over the past 8 years I have worked for and in close collaboration with the wonderful raw food creators of Earthshine ; catered for the David Wolfe tour; catered for various functions, seminars, workshops etc ; supplied a few restaurants with tarts; trained up various Restaurant’s kitchen staff and domestic helpers; given classes and workshops; supplied the Rawlicious shop with takeaway meals and started an order on-line resource for moms needing extras to fill their kids lunchboxes and catering for birthday parties.

I have done a few foraging and fermenting workshops and I am at present doing the Raw food nutrition certification course with David Wolfe.

I Love food and empowering people to take their health to the next level, through consciousness around their food and lifestyle choices, foraging , sprouting, fermenting, growing and honouring themselves and the planet.

I am delighted to share this journey with you..