healthy food offerings for lunchboxes, parties and snacks.

After many requests from mothers and feeling the need to align myself with my own passion, I have come up with a venture which I am hoping will become a great resource for parents and non parents alike.

So hereby I am launching my list of offerings which includes a full list of what is on offer, with a photo and a descriptions of the item, as well as ingredients and the price. Once you’ve decided on what you like, you can place your order here.

Parents can pack these into their children’s lunch boxes, serve them at birthday parties or just have them around for anytime snacking.

My aim with this venture is to ensure that parents have access to wholesome, nutritious snacking food that is free of GMO’s, refined sugar, hydrogenated and trans fats, colorings, thickeners, emulsifiers, pesticides, excessive packaging / waste and dairy.

Everything is made fresh. As it is real food it has a shelf life, un-like chemically supported supermarket convenience.
All my food – unless otherwise stated – is gluten free, but due to cross contamination cannot be guaranteed for those with highly sensitive intolerances. All products are lactose free.
A large percentage of all my products use organic ingredients and are therefore not always as economical as mass produced conventional food. However, my emphasis is on quality and not quantity.


Once a week I send out a newsletter with specials, events, recipes,  and or new offerings and a deadline for placing orders. At the moment there are two pick up points to choose from, to collect your order.

Monday – between 4 – 6 pm @ 10 Portadown Road Bergvliet/Heathfield – Call 0823510855 or 0733477358 when outside and bring containers if possible.

Friday -between 11:30 and 15:00 at Constantia Waldorf School Organic and Biodynamic market  in Spaanschemat River Road Constantia.

If you have an urgent need for something outside of these times you can always email me and I will see if we can make a plan.

To place your order go to the order now tab or click here and then fill in the form and make payment at the end. Please email proof of payment to with your name as a reference.

All food will be packed in brown paper bags, cardboard cake boxes, PLU plastic ( compostable and made from renewable plant resources) and glass jars. Ideally I would like those that would like to order on a regular basis to purchase 2 large airtight containers that can be rotated for convenience and assist in minimisation of packaging.

Kale chips and granola are dehydrated products so will go into ziploc bags to maintain freshness. Kale should be put into an airtight container and stored in freezer. Granola is best stored in a tight sealed jar. As these are dehydrated products they can take-up to 2 days to produce, so they might not always be available.

Please feel free to forward this on to anyone and everyone you feel may be interested and just hit unsubscribe if you are no longer wanting to be on the mailing list.

This promises to be an awesome food journey. I invite you to hop on board and hope you love both the ride and the food 😉 !