We offer classes and training sessions to people wanting to expand their knowledge in the raw food sector.  This can be tailor made to suite your needs, around a specific topic (e.g. smoothies, juices, snacks), a specific piece of equipment (e.g. dehydrator, juicer, blender) or a specific focus area such as kids, parties or food allergies.

This can either be done at our premises in Bergvliet or in the comfort of your own home. We can provide all the equipment and do the shopping and preparation.

Through learning how to do this you will be able to provide your family with better nutrition and healthier food choices.  This helps kids with better concentration and provides a solid foundation for stronger healthier children.  The whole family will benefit through stronger immune systems, more energy and longevity.

We discuss the health benefits of eating superfoods, raw nuts or seeds, and why it is important to buy organically grown food. Simple and practical examples are given on how to read labels and identify products to avoid. This is a great way to teach your domestic staff or nannies on how to operate the equipment and prepare rawfoods for your family.

Contact us for more information about the training sessions so that we can discuss your needs or provide you with different options.